Why choose NTT?

Professional teams of surveyors always ready to meet the needs of the largest title company or the unique requirements of a first-time homeowner.

Exceptional Quality

NTT is focused on providing accurate, timely and professionally-produced surveys delivered electronically or by mail. All of our drawings are prepared using AutoCAD to produce the highest quality drawing possible.

Customer Service

We aim to provide exceptional service.  We are known in the industry as one of the best title/land problem solvers around. You can trust NTT with your project!

Experienced Staff

NTT has over 150 years of combined surveying experience. We have three licensed surveyors on staff and the average tenure of an employee at NTT is over twelve years with many exceeding twenty years of service.

Family Owned

NTT is a family run and operated business. Operating since 1977, NTT has an astonishing 33 year track record of quality surveys and customer service.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing structure allows us to provide the highest quality surveys while keeping our prices extremely competitive, often lower than our competitors. We also provide free estimates for all of our surveying services.

Call Us For A Free Estimate

NTT is a licensed and insured land surveying company servicing Maryland.  NTT offers accurate, reasonably-priced surveying services while focusing on each customer’s unique needs.  In addition to our team of professionals providing services to title, real estate and insurance industry attorneys, NTT also has survey crews specializing in boundary/stake surveys, ALTA surveys, topographical surveys, commercial location drawings, flood elevation certificates for flood insurance and written descriptions to describe property easements or other lines of agreements.


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