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NTT Surveyors Location Drawings (Residential & Commercial)
These types of surveys are usually required by title or mortgage companies for the purchase of a house or commercial property.  This service provides a drawing of the property showing the approximate location of the buildings and other improvements.  Some counties will accept this type of drawing when applying for a building permit depending on the scope of work; however, each county has different regulations.  This drawing is not to be used to establish property lines and does not provide property markers.  We charge $220 for most Location Drawings in the Baltimore Metropolitan area with a few exceptions.  Carroll County (and Anne Arundel County south of Route 214 and lower Prince George's County) are priced at $245.  Cecil and Washington Counties at $275, except south of Chesapeake City in Cecil County which is priced at $295.  Larger residential and most commercial properties are estimated on a job-by-job basis.  Please see our “Maps & Prices” link.  We like to have 5 business days to deliver a residential location drawing, but we will do our best to accommodate the occasional rush job.
NTT Surveyors Boundary / Stake Survey
Stake surveys provide a drawing with more detail and accuracy than a Location Drawing, and also mark the property corners on the ground with iron rods and wooden stakes.  This type of survey has many uses:  putting up a fence, planting trees or landscaping near the property line, resolving a boundary line dispute, or anytime you need an accurate determination of your property lines.  Free estimates are made on a job-by-job basis; however they start at $1,000 and average between $1,200 and $1,2500.  The cost depends on the size, shape, terrain (such as a waterfront property), amount of wooded area, field evidence and complexity of the deeds.
NTT Surveyors Elevation / Flood Certificates
An elevation certificate compares a property and its existing improvements to the base flood elevation shown on FEMA Flood Maps.  This service provides a FEMA Elevation Certificate to determine if flood insurance is necessary or to dispute whether a property is in a flood area.  If flood insurance is needed, an insurance company may require a certificate to determine the cost of insurance.  Elevation certificates are estimated on a job-by-job basis; however, they usually cost around $475.  The cost depends on the distance to the nearest published county monument, and if the base flood elevation has been provided by FEMA.
NTT Surveyors ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys
This service is mainly for larger commercial properties and is usually required by title companies or lenders for settlement.  ALTA surveys are estimated on a job-by-job basis and cost depends on the ALTA checklist and scope of the project.  ALTA surveys are extremely accurate and show details like utilities, parking spaces, waterways, etc.  We also review the title binder and show all easements and restrictions on the drawing.
NTT Surveyors Topographical Surveys
Topographical surveys provide a drawing of the improvements and natural features showing contour lines that display the elevation of the land.  This service is sometimes required for building permits, site plans, in-ground pool design, grading work or to determine the flow of water.  Estimates are made on a job-by-job basis and cost depends on the size and scope of the project.
NTT Surveyors Deed Plotting and Deed Mosaics
These services help clarify the wording of a deed (or combination of related deeds) by depicting the outline of your property as it was described in the deed.  It is also helpful if you own multiple parcels of land and you would like to see pictorially how they fit together.  This service is priced by estimate on a job-by-job basis and depends on the complexity of and number of pages in the deed.
  Written Descriptions
A written description is used to clarify, amend or add a parcel of ground to an existing deed.  For example, if an easement or right of way needs to be granted to allow your neighbor to put a driveway through your property, a written description of the easement would be filed with the other records of the property.  We charge $100-$200 depending on the complexity of the description and if the work can be done without field work or based on field work previously done.
  Percolation Certification Plan
Perc Plans are required by the County Health Department for installation of a new or revised septic system, or to adjust a septic reserve area.  Estimates are made on a job-by-job basis and cost depends on the size and scope of the project.
  Plot Plan or Variance Drawing
This service provides a drawing that is sometimes required by the county to obtain a building permit or a variance from zoning regulations.  Estimates are made on a job-by-job basis and cost depends on the county regulations, size and complexity of the job.


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